Verbs, Adjectives, Nouns with Prepositions, part 2

data publikacji: 2011-10-11




date back toenter intofail in an attempt
deal withescape fromfail to do something
decide onexcuse somebody for sthfight with
dedicate toexperiment onfill something with something else
demand fromexperiment withfinish with
depart fromeager forforget about
depend onefficient atforgive for
describe sb/sth to somebodyengaged to somebodyfaithful to
die in (an accident)engaged in somethingfamiliar to somebody
die ofequal tofamiliar with
die fromexcellent atfamous for
differ fromexcited aboutfed up with
dismiss fromexperienced infond of
distinguish between(put)effort into somethingfrightened of
divide betweenengagement to somebodyfull of
divide amongexample offurious with somebody about/at something
divide intoexception tofailure in
do something aboutexcuse forfailure to
dream aboutexpert at/in/on 
dream of  
delighted with  
dependent on  
different from  
different of  
disappointed in/by/about/with  
discouraged from  
disguisted by  
disguisted at  
disqualified from  
dressed in  
delay in  
demand for  
departure from  
description of  
difference between  
difference of  
difficulty in  
difficulty with  
discussion about  
discussion on  
distance of  
doubt about