Verbs, Adjectives, Nouns with Prepositions, part 6

data publikacji: 2011-10-11





save sb fromthank forupset aboutwarn sb about
search forthink ofupset bywarn sb of
separate fromthink about(make)use ofwarn sb against
shout atthrow at worry about
smile atthrow to write to sb
smile totranslate into worried about
spend money / time ontranslate from  
spend money / time interrified of  
stare atthankful for  
succed intired of  
suffer fromtalent for sth  
suspect sb of(have/be in)trouble with  
symphatise with   
safe from   
same as   
(dis)satisfied with   
(dis)satisfied by   
scared of   
sensitive to   
serious about   
shocked at   
shocked by   
short of   
shy of   
similar to   
skillful/skilled at   
(feel/be) sorry about / for    
superior to   
surprised by   
surprised at   
suspicious of   
sympathetic to   
sympathetic towards   
smell of   
solution to