Verbs, Adjectives, Nouns with Prepositions, part 1

data publikacji: 2011-10-11




account forbeg forcare about
accuse ofbegin withcare for
agree on somethingbelieve incollide with
(dis)agree with somebodybelong tocome from
aim atbenefit fromcomment on
apologise to somebody for somethingbeware ofcompare with
apply to somebody for somethingblame sb for sthcompare to
(dis)approve ofboast aboutcomplain to sb about/of
argue with somebody about somethingboast ofconcentrate on
arrest somebody fot somethingbad atcongratulate sb on sth
arrive inbored by
bored with
connect to / with
arrive atbound withconsist of
ask forbrilliant atcontrast with
assure somebody ofbusy withcope with
absent from(put the) blame on sbcrash into
accustomed to criticise sb for
addcited to (in)capable of
afraid of careful of
allergic to careless about
amazed at certain about / of
amazed by charged with/for
angry at what somebody does clever at
angry with somebody about something close to sb/sth
annoyed with somebody about something combined with
anxious about conscious of
ashamed of content with
attached to covered in / with
(un)aware of crazy about
(dis)advantage of crowded with
advice on cruel to
(in)answer to curious about
attack on (take)care of
  cheque for
  comparison between
  confidence in sb
  connection between
  contact between
  cruelty to/towards
  cure for