Prepositional Phrases - Off, On, Out of

data publikacji: 2011-10-12



Out of

off the airon a ... afternoon/eveningout of breath
off dutyon the airout of control
off the recordon arrivalout of danger
off schol/workon behalf ofout of date
 on one's birthdayout of doors
 on businessout of fashion
 on the contraryout of hand
 on the cornerout of luck
 on a .... dayout of order
 on one's deathout of place
 on a dietout of the question
 on dutyout of reach
 on earthout of season
 on an excursion/a journey/a tour/a trip etc.out of sight
 on an expeditionout of stock
 on fireout of use
 on the ..... floor (of)out of work
 on the one/other hand 
 on holiday 
 on an island 
 on one's knees 
 on the left/right 
 on one's mind 
 on New Year's Day 
 on the news 
 on the outskirts 
 on one's own 
 on page .... 
 on the pavement 
 on the phone 
 on purpose 
 on the radio/television 
 on sale 
 on second thought(s) 
 on this / the street (s) 
 on strike 
 on time 
 on top of 
 on tour 
 on the way 
 on the whole