Prepositional Phrases - Off, On, Out off - tłumaczenie i przykłady

data publikacji: 2012-06-14

off the air– zdjąć program z anteny telewizyjnej/radiowej
They took my favourite tv show off the air!

off duty– poza służbą, po służbie
I’m off duty now, please come back on Monday.

off the record – nieoficjalnie, poza protokołem
What he just said what strictly off the record.

on a ... afternoon/evening – popołudniu/wieczorem
I’m going out on a Friday afternoon.

(be) on the air– być transmitowanym, nadawanym
The show is on the air right now.

on arrival– po przybyciu
He was pronounced dead on arrival in the emergency room.

on behalf of – w czyimś imieniu
Mary received the award on behalf of the company.

on one's birthday– w dniu urodzin
What do you usually do on your birthday?

on business– w interesach, służbowo
I can’t go to the beach with you, I’m here on business.

on the contrary– wręcz przeciwnie
Does he drive safely? On the contrary, he’s a terrible driver.

on the corner– na rogu
After work, I usually go to the shop on the corner.

on a .... day– w dniu, w dzień
On a beautiful day like today, I always go jogging.

on one's death– o śmierci; on one’s death-bed – na łożu śmierci
He wrote a poem on his own death.He burst into tears and apologized for everything on his death-bed.

on a diet– na diecie
I’m not allowed to eat sweets, I’m on a diet.

on duty– być na służbie
Go talk to Mike, he is on duty today.

on earth– na ziemi; na świecie
What would you do if the UFO landed on earth?You’re the most beautiful girl on earth.

on an excursion/a journey/a tour/a trip etc.– (być) na wycieczce, w podróży
I will call you back in a few days – I am on a business trip.

on an expedition– na wyprawie
You need professional equipment on an expedition like this.

on fire – w ogniu
You can’t go back, the house is on fire!

on the ..... floor (of)– na (którymś) piętrze czegoś
My apartment is on the second floor of the building.

on the one/other hand– z jednej/z drugiej strony
On the one hand, I trust him, on the other hand I don’t know what to think of these messages.

on holiday– na urlopie
Mark isn’t at the office – he’s on holiday.

on an island– na wyspie
I would like to spend my holidays on a desert island.

on one's knees – (być) na kolanach
The policeman made him get on his knees.

on the left/right– na lewo/na prawo
On the left, there’s a nice bar, on the right, we have a beautiful restaurant.

(be) on one's mind – chodzić (komuś) po głowie
You were always on my mind.

on New Year's Day– w nowy rok
To avoid traffic, we’re going back home on New Year’s day.

on the news– w wiadomościach
My husband was on the news today!

on the outskirts– na peryferiach/obrzeżach miasta
I would probably have to say I live on the outskirts of the town.

on one's own– samemu, na własną rękę
I like living on my own.

on page ....– na stronie
Look at the dialogue on page 16 and write down all the new words.

on the pavement– na chodniku
Can my son cycle on the pavement?

(be) on the phone– rozmawiać przez telefon
I’ll be with you in a minute, I’m on the phone.

on purpose – specjalnie, celowo
I hit him pretty hard, but not on purpose.

on the radio/television – w radiu/telewizji
Is there anything interesting on tv tonight?

on sale– na wyprzedaży
I bought this sweater on sale, but isn’t it beautiful?

on second thought(s)– po namyśle, jak się nad tym zastanowić
I really like him, although, on second thought, he seems a little weird sometimes, doesn’t he?

on this / the street (s)– na (tej) ulicy
I used to live on this street.

on strike– na strajku , go on strike – strajkować
All teachers are on strike today.Don’t treat me like that or I’ll go on strike.

on time– na czas
He arrived on time.

on top of (that)– poza tym, w dodatku, na domiar
They were holding hands and, on top of that, I saw them kissing!

on tour– w trasie (koncertowej)
I saw them live on tour in Poland in 2010!

on the way– po drodze; w drodze
I saw Peter on the way to the office.I’m on the way to Sarah’s place, I’ll call you back later.

Out of
out of breath– bez tchu, zasapany, zziajany
The feeling of being out of breath after I finish running is horrible.

out of control – nieopanowany
Look at him, he’s out of control!

out of danger– poza niebezpieczeństwem
He’s been dischared from hospital, so he’s out of danger now.

out of date– nieaktualny, przestarzały
This phone is completely out of date!

out of doors– na dworze, poza domem
We spent the whole Sunday out of doors.

out of fashion – niemodne
This dress is out of fashion.

out of hand – poza kontrolą
The situation got out of hand when everybody got drunk.

out of luck – nie mieć szczęścia, mieć pecha
I’m completely out of luck these days.

out of order – (o urządzeniu) niesprawny, zepsuty
The ticket machine is out of order.

out of place – nie na miejscu (również metaforycznie)
This vase looks so out of place here.What he said was completely out of place.

out of the question– wykluczone, nie ma mowy, absolutnie nie
When it gets tough, quitting is out of the question.

out of reach– poza zasięgiem
Remember that nothing is ever out of reach, so keep your dreams alive.

out of season– poza sezonem
Sorry, oysters are out of season. We don't have any.

out of sight– poza zasięgiem wzroku, go out of sight – zniknąć z widoku
Children should not be out of sight of an adult.

out of stock– wyprzedany, be out of stock – wyczerpać się (o nakładzie)
The book is out of stock. We’re out of stock, sorry.

out of use– nie używany, przestarzały, wycofany z użytku
You should download the latest version of this program, the one you have is out of use.

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