Prepositional Phrases - In, Into

data publikacji: 2011-10-11


in generalin private/publicin a way
in addition (to)in handin progressin the way
in advancein good/bad handin a queue in a word
in agreement (with)in hospitalin realityin other words
in answer toin a hotelin returnin writing
in bedin a hurryin the right/wrong 
in the beginningin ink/pencil/penin safety 
in briefin love (with)in seconds 
in case ofin luxuryin secret 
in cashin the meantimein the shade/sun 
in charge ofin the middle ofin short 
in colourin the mirrorin a show 
in commonin a momentin sight (of) 
in comparison within the moodin a state of 
in conclusion in the morningin the station 
in good/bad condition/shapein need ofin the streets 
in control ofin the north/southin the suburbs 
in the countryin one's opinionin good/bad taste 
in dangerin order / a messin tears 
in debtin order toin a bad temper 
in demandin painin time (for) 
in detailin pairsin no time 
in difficultyin particularin one's free time 
in the direction ofin the pastin touch (with) 
in doubtin personin town 
in the endin piecesin turn 
in factin place ofin uniform 
in fashionin politicsin use 
in favour ofin practice/ theoryin vain 
in futurein prisonin a loud/low voice 


into pieces