Prepositional Phrases - In, Into - tłumaczenie i przykłady

data publikacji: 2012-06-13

in addition (to) – oprócz, dodatkowo
In addition to all these tasks, we need to establish better communication channels.

in advance – z góry
Thanks in advance for your help!

in agreement (with) – w zgodzie z
I am upset that we are not in agreement with our living arrangement.

in answer to – w odpowiedzi na
In answer to your letter of complaint, we’d like to assure you we’re doing everything in our power to fix the problem.

in bed – w łóżku
I enjoy having breakfast in bed.

in the beginning – początkowo, na początku
In the beginning was the Word.

in brief – pokrótce, w skrócie
In brief, all flights have been cancelled.

in case of – w razie gdy, w przypadku, na wypadek
In case of fire, follow your company’s fire response procedures.

in cash – gotówką
Do I have to pay in cash or can I use my credit card?

in charge of – odpowiadać za
Mr Smith is in charge of our company’s finances, please talk to him.

in colour – w kolorze, koloru
I dream in colours.

(to have something) in common – mieć coś wspólnego
We have so much in common, I cannot believe it!

in comparison with – w porównaniu z
In comparison with Mary, Kate is a little more diplomatic.

in conclusion – na koniec, reasumując
In conclusion, I’d like to say that our company’s profits are growing.

in good/bad condition/shape – być w dobrej/złej formie/kondycji
Yesterday’s exercises made me realise I’m in a very bad shape. I need to change that.

in control of – kontrolować
Mr Jones is in control of all important decisions.

in the country – na wsi
During the weekends, they are usually in the country.

in danger – w niebezpieczeństwie
I have heard you received some threats, do you think you might be in real danger?

in debt – zadłużony
I didn’t think that through and now I’m in serious debt.

(be) in demand – cieszyć się popytem
What are the latest jobs in demand?

in detail – szczegółowo
I will explain that to you in detail, later on.

in difficulty – mieć trudność/kłopot, być w problematycznym położeniu
I need help, I’m in some financial difficulties. 

in the direction of – w stronę czegoś
Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.

(be) in doubt – mieć wątpliwość, wątpić, kwestionować
Whenever you’re in doubt of any action you’re about to take, remember you have friends who can offer their advice.

in the end – w końcu, na koniec, wreszcie, ostatecznie
Our grandmother spent 5 days in hospital last week. In the end, it turned out it was nothing serious.

in fact – właściwie, w zasadzie, w rzeczywistości
I really like him, in fact, I’m starting to think I may be in love with him!

in fashion – w  modzie, modne
High heels are always in fashion.

(be) in favour of – być zwolennikiem czegoś/kogoś
Personally, I’m all in favour of gay marriage.

in general – ogólnie, generalnie rzecz biorąc
In general, pride is at the bottom of all great mistakes.

in hand – dostępny w danym, konkretnym momencie; obecnie omawiany
We’d been waiting for dinner, glasses in hand...Regarding the matter in hand, let’s solve the issue by voting.

in good/bad hand – w dobrych rękach
Don’t worry about your child, she’s in good hands, Annie is a professional babysitter.

in hospital – w szpitalu
My dad is in hospital, I hope it’s nothing serious.

in a hotel – w hotelu
Let’s meet in the hotel, shall we?

in a hurry – w pośpiechu, spieszyć się
We’ll talk later, I’m in a hurry, bye!

in ink/pencil/pen – napisane długopisem, ołówkiem
I’m attending a course on how to draw in pen and ink.

in love (with) – zakochany
I’m in love with your brother. 

in luxury – w  luksusie
They’re basking in luxury at their private villa.

in the meantime – w międzyczasie
I’m almost done preparing dinner for tonite. In the meantime, you can eat a sandwich if you’re very hungry.

in the middle of – w środku
I hate waking up in the middle of the night!

in the mirror – w lustrze
What do you see when you look at yourself in the mirror?

in a moment – za chwilę
I’ll do the dishes in a moment, I’m on the phone now.

in the mood – w nastroju/humorze
I’m in a bad mood today and I don’t know why.

in the morning – rano
I hate waking up early in the morning!

in need of – (być) w potrzebie czegoś, potrzebować
I’m in need of some sleep, I haven’t been sleeping well lately.

in the north/southna północy/południu
It gets really cold in the north of Poland.

in one's opinion – według kogoś, czyimś zdaniem
In my opinion, you shouldn’t worry too much. I’m sure he’ll understand his mistake and apologise.

in order / a mess – w ładzie/w bałaganie
I left all the necessary documents in perfect order.You left your room in such a mess!

in order to – aby, żeby, w celu
In order to look healthy, one should eat healthy food.

in pain – w bólu
I twisted my ankle the other day – I’m in such pain!

in pairs – w parach
You’ll be working on this exercise in pairs.

in particular – szczególnie, w szczególności
Watch out for dragonflies in the summer by the pond and in the winter in particular.

in the past – w przeszłości
In the past, sporting champions used to be motivated primarily by the desire to win the match.

in person – osobiście
You may appear in person at the clerk's office to request a copy of the form.

in pieces – w kawałkach
The vase we bought online arrived in pieces.

in place of – zamiast, w miejsce
I like using honey in place of sugar.

in politics – w polityce
Should religion play a role in politics?

in practice/ theory – w praktyce/w teorii
It looks simpler in theory than it does in practice.

in prison -  w więzieniu
You will not be allowed to visit me in prison.

in private/public – prywatnie, publicznie
Let’s not discuss these things in public. 

in progress – w toku
The peace talks are still in progress.

in a queue – w kolejce
I’m tired of standing in this queue. Let’s go home!

in reality – w rzeczywistości, faktycznie, właściwie
I’d like to think he’s harmless but, in reality, he’s proven to be very aggressive. 

in return – w zamian, w rewanżu
What can we do in return for your kindness?

in the right/wrong – w dobrą/złą (stronę)
I think we’re going in the right direction.

in safety – w bezpieczeństwie/bezpiecznym miejscu
“The superior man, when resting in safety, does not forget that danger may come.”, Confucius

in seconds – w sekundę
The town was destroyed in seconds.

in secret – potajemnie
They had been dating in secret for years

in the shade/sun – w cieniu/słońcu
If you’re feeling dizzy, go sit in the shade.

in short – w skrócie, krótko mówiąc, jednym słowem
In short, he’s a hyporcite, but I still like him.

in a show – w spektaklu/show
I’ve seen him act better in a different show.

in sight (of) – w zasięgu wzroku, w zasięgu czegoś
There’s not one policeman in sight.

in a state of – w stanie
I’m in a weird state of mind.

in the station – na stacji
What can one find in a station of the metro?

in the streets – na ulicy
I have lived in the streets for 10 years.

in the suburbs – na przedmieściach
I like the quietness of living in the suburbs.

in good/bad taste – w dobrym/złym tonie
It was a joke in bad taste. Not funny.

in tears – we łzach
I found her in tears in her room.

in time (for) – w samą porę na (coś)
She arrived just in time for dinner.

in no time – natychmiast, bardzo szybko, w mgnieniu oka
It won’t take long – I’ll be there in no time!

in one's free time – w wolnej chwili, w wolnym czasie
In my free time, I like to read historical books.

in touch (with) – w kontakcie z
Remember Susie from high school? I’m still in touch with her!

in town   być w mieście, przyjechać
I’ve heard Mary’s in town!

in turn – z kolei, natomiast, w rezultacie
My car got hit by a van, which in turn was hit by a truck.

in uniform – w mundurze
Why do women find men in uniform so attractive?

in use – w użyciu
Your account is currently in use at another machine.

in vain – na próżno, bez celu, nadaremnie
We tried to do this several times, but it was all in vain.
in a way – w pewnym sensie, do pewnego stopnia
In a way, we are very alike.

in the way – na drodze
You’re standing in the way of my promotion.

in a word – jednym słowem
My answer, in a word, is no.

in other words – innymi słowy
Do you have the necessary experience? In other words, do you think you can handle this position?

in writing – na piśmie, pisemnie
Decide what you want to do and then put it in writing.

Into pieces – na kawałki, w kawałki
She tore the letter into pieces.

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