Prepositional Phrases - For, From - tłumaczenie i przykłady zastosowania

data publikacji: 2011-11-07


for ages     - przez wieki/lata/długi czas
I haven’t seen you for ages!                       

for certain – na pewno
These two are a couple. I know that for certain.

for a change – tak dla odmiany
Let’s see a horror movie for a change!

forever – na zawsze, wiecznie
I’ll be forever grateful for your help.

for fear (of) – z obawy przed
They closed all the windows for fear of heavy rain.

for fun – dla zabawy
We’re very sorry, but we only hid your wallet for fun!

for good – na zawsze, na dobre
He left her, this time he did it for good.

(take sth) for granted – przyjmować coś za pewnik
Just because we are together doesn’t mean you can take me for granted.

for hire/sale – do wynajęcia/na sprzedaż
This place is for hire/sale.

for instance – na przykład
Let’s take, for instance, this example…

for the rest of – do końca
We promised we’d be together for the rest of our lives.

for one's sake – ze względu na/dla kogoś
If you don’t want to do it for you, do it for my sake.

for the time being – tymczasowo, na pewien czas, na razie
We had to put our plans to go to Australia on hold, for the time being. We’ll see if we can go next year.


from experience – z doświadczenia
From experience, I can tell this case is going to be tough.

from memory -  z pamięci
He recited the poem from memory.

from now on – od teraz
From now on, no one leaves work early!

from time to time – od czasu do czasu
I only watch horror movies from time to time, I get too scared.