Prepositional Phrases - Ahead, At

data publikacji: 2011-10-11



ahead of one's time at the age of
ahead of schedule at the airport
  at the beginning (of)
  at the bottom of
  at breakfast, lunch, dinner
  at the bus stop
  at the corner
  at dawn
  at one's desk
  at the door
  at the end (of)
  at first
  at first sight
  at a glance
  at hand
  at a high speed
  at a hotel
  at ... km per hour
  at last
  at least
  at a loss
  at the match
  at midnight
  at the moment
  at most
  at night
  at noon
  at once
  at peace / war
  at present
  at random
  at any rate
  at the same time
  at the station
  at the time
  at times
  at the top of
  at university
  at the weekend
  at 10 Lincoln Street