Prepositional Phrases - Ahead, At - tłumaczenie i przykłady zastosowania

data publikacji: 2011-10-31


ahead of one's time – wyprzedzać czas/epokę
As a philosopher, he was ahead of his time.

ahead of schedule – przed czasem
The sale will help us to repay the loan ahead of schedule.


at the age of – w wieku (iluś lat)
My grandma died at the age of the airport – na lotniskuWe have to be at the airport at least an hour before boarding.

at the beginning (of) – na początku
I get paid at the beginning of each month.

at the bottom of
– na dnie czegoś; no dole
Marine life can be found at the bottom of the ocean.There is some empty space at the bottom of the page.

at breakfast, lunch, dinner – podczas/w porze śniadania, lunchu, kolacji
Take one capsule of this medicine at breakfast, lunch and the bus stop – na przystanku autobusowymI will be waiting for you at the bus stop.

at the corner – na rogu
Meet me at the corner of Marszalkowska street.

at dawn – o świcie
I love waking up at dawn.

at one's desk – (coś) na biurku, (ktoś) przy biurku
I left my phone at my desk. Andrew is at his desk.

at the door – przy drzwiach, przed drzwiami
Someone is at the door.

at the end (of) – na końcu, pod koniec
There is a big queue and I am standing at the end of the line.I get paid at the end of each month.

at first – początkowo
At first, I didn’t know how to react to her tears.

at first sight – na pierwszy rzut oka, od pierwszego wejrzenia
Do you believe in love at first sight? 

at a glance – na pierwszy rzut oka
I could see at a glance that the car was unsafe.

at hand – w pobliżu, niedaleko; wkrótce
I like to keep my tools close at hand.Retribution is at hand. 

at a high speed – przy dużej prędkości, z dużą prędkością
I can browse the Internet at a very high speed.

at a hotel – w hotelu
I will be staying at the Hilton hotel.

at ... km per hour – z prędkością
The cheetah is able run at the speed of 70 miles per hour.

at last – nareszcie, w końcu
It’s summer at last!

at least – przynajmniej;  co najmniej
At least I wasn’t pretending!Wait at least an hour before you go swimming.

at a loss – ze stratą; be at a loss – być w rozterce, nie wiedzieć co zrobić
He sold his house at a loss as he needed the money fast. I’m at a loss of what to do. Perhaps I’m not seeing things correctly.

at the match – podczas meczu, na meczu
What happened at the match?

at midnight – o północy
I will call you at midnight.

at the moment – w obecnej chwili, teraz
I’m busy at the moment, I’ll call you later.

at most – co najwyżej, w najlepszym razie
I have one month to wait at most. I’m not worried.

at night – w nocy
I don’t like being alone at night.

at noon – w południe
I have a meeting at noon.

at once – natychmiast; naraz
Come over here at once!The washing machine is so big I can wash all my clothes at once.

at peace / war – w stanie pokoju/wojny
He is at peace with his decision.Ladies and gentlemen, we are at war.

at present – obecnie, teraz
At present, my wife is in Germany.

at random – losowo, przypadkowo
I pick all my shampoos at random. I don’t pay much attention to that.

at any rate – w każdym razie
I don't think they liked my idea - at any rate, they weren't enthusiastic.

at the same time – w tym samym czasie; jednocześnie
He looked at her at the same time Peter did, but he claims he saw her first.I like your idea, at the same time, I’m not too sure about this part – could you explain, please?

at the station – na stacji
I’ll see you at the station.

at the time – podczas, w tamtym czasie, w tamtej chwili
He was still alive at the time of the crash.

at times – czasami
At times I feel like I don’t belong here.

at the top of – na szczycie
The view from the glass dome at the top of the building is simply breath-taking.

at university – na uniwersytecie
I study at the University of Warsaw

at the weekend – w weekend
I only see her at the weekends.

at 10 Lincoln Street – na ul Lincolna 10
I live at 10 Lincoln Street.