5 Minute English Exercises

Now, thanks to our new cathegory: 5 Minutes English exercises, you may do short exercises on english grammar and vocabulary. It's short, It's quick and It will help you remember it for a long time. Have fun! :)

Exercise on: edge

Knowing different foreign languages give you the edge in buisness. I became familiar with the word edge and it's different meanings during my last english lesson that was about our competitivness on the market. And I really like this word, especially the first sentence above so I decided to prepare for you a few very easy but helpfull exercises. I hope you like it! 


Exercises on: to bear, bore, born

to bear, bore, born

to bear: dźwigać, wytrzymywać, podtrzymywać, znosić, nosić, ponosić, utrzymywać, rodzić, wytwarzać, żywić (sympatię);

I cannot bear - nie mogę znieść; I can't bear this weather. I'm freezing!
to bear away - zdobywać (np. nagrodę); I bore this award in a dancing contest. I took a secon place!
to bear down - zwalać się (np. drzewo), naciskać, przyciskać; Be careful! this tree is so dry, It's gonna bear down soon.
to bear in mind - zapamiętać; Please, bear in minds that you're taking an exam in two weeks, so you better prepaire yourself. 
to bear on - dotyczyć; I don't believe in this article, It can't bear on your company affair.
to bear out - potwierdzać; The lady at the information desk bore out that our train will be late but they still don't know how long.
to bear up - popierać, nie dawać się; I definitely bear you up, your decision about leaving the job was right.